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Donald Trump’s Solution To Russia Invading Ukraine Involves Pretending To Be China

Donald Trump’s Solution To Russia Invading Ukraine Involves Pretending To Be China

While Republicans criticize President Joe Biden’s response to the invasion of Ukraine, they aren’t actually offering a lot of sound policy suggestions that differ greatly from exactly what’s already being done. However, if given enough opportunity for stream-of-consciousness oration, Donald Trump can always be counted on to come up with a bizarre solution.

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In the case of Russia, Trump has perhaps been a bit cornered when it comes to policy ideas. Of course, he has repeatedly claimed that if he was the President, Vladimir Putin would never have invaded Ukraine to begin with, and boasted of his friendship with the Russian dictator. When directly asked for a viable policy plan though, he simply insisted that he knew how to shut the invasion down quickly, but he wasn’t saying.

Now, however, Washington Post‘s Josh Dawsey has obtained audio from a speech Trump gave to donors — and in it, he has an unsurprisingly outlandish suggestion.

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Trump’s suggestion appears to be that the United States should bomb Russia and pretend China did it, then watch the two countries fight each other. This getting out might not bode well for Trump’s vaunted “friendship” with Putin.

Trump has already suggested that China, observing Russia, would take a page from Putin’s book. According to the NY Post, Trump blamed Biden, suggesting that he’s a weak leader, and declared that “China is going to be next.” He claimed that, seeing Biden’s failure to shut down the invasion, Chinese President Xi would realize he could follow suit, and take Taiwan.

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