Donald Trump’s Next Loss: His Private Helipad

It’s been three months of losses for Donald Trump. He lost the presidency, helped his party lose control of the Senate, and lost in court over and over as he tried to fight the election results. Now, it appears he’ll also lose his private helipad in Florida.

The helipad at Mar-a-lago to be destroyed
[Photo credit should read JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images]

CNN‘s Kaitlan Collins shared the news Thursday, reflecting on public records reports that show a permit has been obtained to do the work.

The Palm Beach Daily News reported in November that this was coming, citing the Town Council’s limited approval of the installation of the helipad. The stipulation at the time was that the exception to Palm Beach’s ban on private helipads was only for presidential business, and only for the duration of the Trump presidency.

Locals were reportedly unhappy about the installation even then, worrying about the noise and downdrafts from helicopters damaging their peace or property. The town also notes that the helipad did not achieve the desired goal of preventing traffic issues when the then-president traveled to his property, since road shutdowns were still mandated under Secret Service regulations.

Trump has, however netted one win with regard to his Mar-A-Lago property — he will be allowed to live there. According to NPR, an attorney for Palm Beach has affirmed that Trump’s agreement, decades ago, to a stipulation that the property would not be a full-time residence after being converted to a commercial property, is not enforceable. The town was examining options after some Mar-A-Lago neighbors requested that this agreement be enforced.

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