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Donald Trump’s Lawyer Sent A Memo To Undermine James Comey

Donald Trump’s Lawyer Sent A Memo To Undermine James Comey

Marc Kasowitz, the head lawyer for President Donald Trump is no stranger to undermining anyone he sees as a threat to his boss. Last June, he sent a memo to the special counsel in which he called James Comey “Machiavellian,” and “unbounded by law and regulation.”

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The full memo sent to Robert Mueller’s team was obtained by The Associated Press. In the memo, which includes 13 pages of notes, Kasowitz claims that Comey was investigating Trump for his “own personal interests and emotions.”

Here’s an excerpt from the memo (emphasis is ours):

“There is no ‘honest loyalty’ in an FBI Director surreptitiously leaking to civilians his privileged and confidential conversations with the president, or misappropriating and disseminating his confidential FBI memos or their contents about those meetings. There is no ‘honest loyalty’ in using those civilians as surrogates to feed stolen information and memos to the press to achieve a personal, political, and retributive objective of harming a sitting president.”

“Over the last year, Mr. Comey has engaged in a pattern of calculated unilateral action unbounded by governing law, regulation and practice, and plainly motivated by personal and political self-interest.”

Despite his repeated assurances to the President over the prior three months that he was not under investigation…Mr. Comey not only declined to clarify that there was no investigation of the President, but he used broad language that only reinforced the inaccurate perception that the President was under investigation.”

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Axios notes that Kasowitz then “criticizes Comey for announcing the conclusion of the FBI’s investigation of Hillary Clinton, saying that ‘Mr. Comey continued his Machiavellian behavior after President Trump was elected.'”

Why Comey would disclose an open investigation to the person under investigation is beyond our understanding. Comey, at the core of his job, answered to the bipartisan investigations he was charged with working.

The memo also brings to question Trump’s motives for firing Comey. President Trump has repeatedly said it was his handling of the Clinton emails. Now, his own lawyer has brought to light Trump’s issues with Comey investigating the Trump administration and not disclosing the FBI’s moves against the President.

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