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Donald Trump’s Former Lawyer Michael Cohen Knows About Trump Tapes Says MSNBC Panelist

Donald Trump’s Former Lawyer Michael Cohen Knows About Trump Tapes Says MSNBC Panelist

Michael Cohen could be the most dangerous informant against Donald Trump. An MSNBC panelist and legal expert says Cohen may have information about the infamous Russian tapes and that makes him a bigger adversary than former campaign chairman Paul Manafort.

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Dubbed the “pee pee” tape, the recording allegedly shows Russian prostitutes relieving themselves on a bed during a paid sexual encounter with the 45th POTUS. Allegedly, Trump wanted them to urinate on the bed in a Moscow hotel because former President Barack Obama once stayed in the same room.

The tape was first suggested by former British spy Christopher Steele but physical evidence has never surfaced.

When discussing Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel investigation, Elie Mystal, the editor of Above the Law, argued that Cohen is the most dangerous person in the United States when it comes to the President’s guilt.

“Cohen knows about the pee pee tape,” Mystal revealed on MSNBC’s AM Joy on Saturday. “If that’s real, Cohen knows about it.”

“I generally agree that Cohen is more dangerous to Trump personally, but that’s how Cohen gets wrapped up into the Russia thing,” he continued. “Who talked to who about the pee pee tape? That’s kind of where Cohen shows up … If he knows something about that — that’s gross — but it’s like that’s the connection back into Russia.”

Legal analyst Danny Cevallos also used the opportunity to talk about the lack of ethics Michael Cohen has exhibited. “He taped him as a lawyer — which is unthinkable of to me — he taped his client. He knows everything about Trump.”

If Cohen knows about the existence of the “pee pee” tapes there’s a good chance the Special Counsel does as well. Sources close to Cohen says he has been in contact with Mueller’s team.

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Even without proof of the tape, former federal prosecutor Paul Butler suggests that Cohen may have provided Mueller and his team with plenty of information to have the President sent to jail over campaign finance violations. If that’s the case, Trump would likely not be charged until after he left office, ensuring he can’t simply pardon himself over the charges.

Here’s the footage:

This is all speculation at this time but the general sentiment seems to be that Michael Cohen, more than perhaps anyone else, could be Donald Trump’s biggest enemy. If that’s the case it would be a dramatic flip from just several months ago when Cohen was considered Trump’s biggest asset as his “fixer.”

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