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Donald Trump’s Failing Blog Disappears Overnight

Donald Trump’s Failing Blog Disappears Overnight

After Donald Trump was kicked off of mainstream social media sites for his part in inciting the January insurrection attempt, as well as for a persistent pattern of breaking the terms of service for those sites, he promised to produce his own social site. Instead, he unveiled a blog on his website, titled From The Desk Of Donald J. Trump. Now even that is gone.

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Instead of revealing a new social media site, Trump presented a blog where he pushed out posts that strongly resembled his former tweets. However, it didn’t go quite like he may have expected. As previously reported, he’s said to have been complaining to those around him that his blog posts don’t get a fraction of the attention his tweets once received, and even has been derided for getting fewer clicks than a petfinding site.

Now suddenly his blog is gone. The posts have been moved to the ‘News’ section of his site. An archived copy shows that after midnight Wednesday morning, the blog was still functional.

[Screenshot ia Desk of Donald J. Trump]

Now, however, the Trump Desk URL redirects to the alerts page, inviting visitors to hand over their phone number and email address for updates. His first blog post was on May 3rd, which means the experiment didn’t quite last a full month.

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The posts aren’t gone. They still exist on the News page of the website, where each one must be clicked individually to read, and are listed as “Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America.”

However, the blog itself is gone, and according to CNBC, Trump aide Jason Miller says it won’t be coming back, though he wrote it off as a minor part of the ex-president’s larger strategies.

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