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Donald Trump’s Election Lies Cost American Taxpayers More Than $500 Million

Donald Trump’s Election Lies Cost American Taxpayers More Than $500 Million

Former President Donald Trump’s panoply of lies regarding voter fraud in the 2020 election cost American taxpayers more than $500 million according to an analysis in Saturday’s Washington Post.

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The price tag associated with the fallout from Trump inciting an insurrection at the United States Capitol on January 6th – for which he was impeached in the House of Representatives and is awaiting trial in the Senate – is staggering…

Costs associated with January 6th insurrection and inauguration: at least $488,800,000

State costs associated with January 6th and inauguration-related security: at least $28,310,464 

State costs related to legal challenges and security for election officials: At least $2,217,905

Subtotal: at least $519,328,369

… as were the post-attack expenses and costs of securing Washington DC amid threats of right-wing violence:

National Guard: Cost of deploying as many as 25,000 troops to Washington through mid-March: at least $480,000,000

D.C. police: Cost for a week of added security at the Capitol, including a surge of 850 officers on January 6th: at least $8,800,000

Architect of the Capitol: Broken windows, busted doors, landscaping, graffiti, and other damage to the Capitol: unavailable

U.S. Park Police: Damage and cleanup of the National Mall: unavailable

U.S. Capitol Police: unavailable

Numerous states such as California and Ohio have also calculated how much Trump’s seditious antics will cost their residents:

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In California, state officials estimated they spent about $19 million, deploying 1,000 National Guard troops and hundreds of state troopers from January 14th to January 21st to protect the state Capitol and other locations.

In Ohio, taxpayers spent $1.2 million to deploy National Guard troops to the closed Statehouse building in Columbus. The New Mexico legislature increased its appropriation for Capitol security during the 60-day session by almost 40 percent this month, handing taxpayers a bill of $1.5 million for personnel, equipment, and other expenses, officials said.

In Fulton County, Georgia’s largest, taxpayers spent an estimated $500,000 on security alone for election officials, who faced harassment and threats fueled by conspiracy theories over the November election. Other state and local officials spent funds to battle with Trump’s well-funded team of lawyers in court. Trump and his allies devoted more than $11 million to a failed legal effort that included dozens of lawsuits and repeated losses in court due to a lack of evidence. After the November 3rd election and through the end of December, Trump and the Republican Party paid at least 65 firms or lawyers on election-related legal challenges, according to federal campaign finance filings.

The state of Pennsylvania hired several private law firms to deal with the onslaught of election litigation, paying outside lawyers as much as $480 per hour to fight Trump’s claims of rigged voting.

These figures do not factor in the psychological damage lawmakers and other witnesses have suffered since the incursion.

Read the whole report by clicking here.

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