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Donald Trump, Who Ditched New York City, Trashes Gotham’s Handling of COVID-19

Donald Trump, Who Ditched New York City, Trashes Gotham’s Handling of COVID-19

President Donald Trump on Thursday took aim at New York City’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has killed nearly 24,000 residents and decimated the city’s entertainment and tourism industries.

“You see in New York City, one of the most heavily locked-down places, the people that caught it the most were the people that were caught in their houses and their apartments, okay?” Trump told Maria Bartiromo in a phone call to Fox Business.

Photo by Joyce N. Boghosian/The White House via Getty Images

A majority of the deaths occurred during the so-called “first wave” in March, April, and May because the coronavirus had already propogated through the population by the time the first lockdowns were implemented.

By early June, however, the country’s largest metropolis had mostly “flattened the curve” and partially reignited chunks of its economy.

But Trump, under whose watch 211,000 Americans have died and who has personally contaminated the White House and infected dozens of staffers, is pointing at the Democrats, whom he has repeatedly and falsely accused of economic sabotage.

On Wedneday, Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) announced new quarantine measures effective until November 3 as a means of preventing the virus from spreading beyond recent isolated outbreaks in Brooklyn and Queens – in order to save lives.

Meanwhile, Trump, who abdicated his life-long residency late last year and has not made any personal contributions toward the city’s recovery, targeted his former home in his crusade against “Democrat-run cities” in blue states.

“They want to damage the economy as much as possible, the Democrats, they wanted November 3, because this way they figured they can hurt the economy a little bit better,” Trump said, before making the situation all about himself. “My numbers won’t be as good, but actually our numbers are gonna be great. Our numbers for the third quarter are gonna be through the roof; retail sales, employment, all of these numbers are gonna be great, so I dunno what they’re doing.”

Rather than offer assistance, Trump chose to blame the victim, which in this case is a city of more than eight million.

“It’s a shame what’s happened to New York, it’s like a ghost town,” the president continued. “It’s a sad, sad place.”

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Later on, Trump insisted that the solution to New York’s problems, most of which his political grudges have exacerbated, is for a Republican like Rudy Giuliani to become mayor, ending nearly two-decades of consecutive progressive administrations.

“It’s all Democrat-run cities,” Trump seethed. “The only way it’s going to come back is you’re going to have to find a young version of Rudy Giuliani. Otherwise, it’s not because they have all these lefties in New York running for office and they use their criminal system.”

Who Trump specifically has in mind to accomplish this is unknown. Bartiromo asked the president if his eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., is interested in the job.

“No, I hope not,” the infected president said. “Because he couldn’t win as a Republican … he wouldn’t have a chance.”

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