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Donald Trump Wants Facebook To Spy On Social Security Recipients

Donald Trump Wants Facebook To Spy On Social Security Recipients

One of the main promises of Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign was protecting his supporter’s Social Security payments. He told voters, “We’re saving Social Security. The Democrats will destroy Social Security. We’re making it stronger. We’re making Social Security stronger.”

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There seems to be, however, a number of efforts aimed at undermining the program. The latest, according to the New York Times, would have the government monitoring social media to ensure recipients are being honest with their claims.

The Times writes, “If, for example, a person claimed benefits because of a back injury but was shown playing golf in a photograph posted on Facebook, that could be used as evidence that the injury was not disabling.”

Health organizations have come out against the proposed plan. Lisa D. Eckman from the Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities, says, “Just because someone posted a photograph of them golfing or going fishing in February of 2019 does not mean that the activity occurred in 2019.”

Michael J. Astrue, a former Social Security commissioner agreed with Eckman. He told the Times, “Social media sites are not exactly clear and reliable evidence.”

While making cuts to Social Security is a wildly unpopular idea, Trump will need the money under his latest proposed budget. He is asking for $8.7 billion for border wall funding, money which will have to come from cutting other programs.

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TruthOrFiction Managing Editor Brooke Binkowski told HillReporter.com, “That’s their response to the loss of trust they’ve brought on themselves? When hostile governments are already using the psychographic and lifestyle data to target and persecute people? How is this supposed to help anything at all?”

“This just shows, once again, that Facebook doesn’t care about our privacy or our civil liberties,” Binkowski added.

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