Donald Trump Vows to Seek a Third Term. Again.

President Donald Trump has again teased a run for a third term in the White House. The 22nd Amendment to the United States Constitution limits presidents to two, though they do not need to be consecutive.

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On Monday night, as Democrats began their convention to formally nominate former Vice President Joe Biden for president and Senator Kamala Harris (CA) for veep, Trump told throngs of supporters at a rally in Wisconsin – a swing state with 10 Electoral College votes he narrowly won in 2016 over Democrat Hillary Clinton – that he has no intention of leaving the White House.

Why? Because he thinks the Obama Administration spied on his campaign. Internal investigaions have debunked this claim but Trump insists on repeating it. Meanwhile, Trump’s campaign had been colluding with foreign actors to influence the 2016 election, as detailed in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s blockbuster report.

“We are going to win four more years,” Trump said. “And then after that, we’ll go for another four years because they spied on my campaign. We should get a redo of four years.”

The Constitution provides no guidelines for redoing or nullifying a presidential election.

Trump then boasted about how well he believed the economy was doing before the onslaught of the deadly coronavirus pandemic, nevermind all the low-wage jobs, a fleggling public education system, crushing debt, and ballooning income inequality.

Trump’s disdain for working people was unambiguous and palpable in his Wisconsin speech last night.

“People with diplomas, people without diplomas, college students, great students, horrible students, dumb people, liberal people, conservative people, everybody was doing the best they’d ever done. PhD’s from MIT, PhDs from crummy colleges, everybody was doing the greatest, the best they’d ever done,” Trump rambled.

Later, in Michigan, another Rust Belt swing state in which Trump eked out a tiny victory over Clinton for its 16 Electoral College votes, the president claimed that he was one “Man of the Year” in Michigan. This is a lie, and not the first time Trump has said it.

“I watched that. I was ‘Man of the Year’ 11 years ago in Michigan. I don’t know why they picked me, that was long before I thought in terms of running” for president, Trump said. 

FactCheck.org explained in 2018 where Trump is likely coming up with this.

“This is what we did find: It appears that Trump is referring to a 2013 dinner hosted by a county Republican Party organization, which presented him with token gifts – including a statuette of Abraham Lincoln,” FactCheck.org wrote. “But a former Republican congressman who organized the dinner said Trump did not receive an award, and the group has never given out ‘man of the year’ awards.”

In 2019, Detroit News identified six separate occasions Trump has shared his delusion since 2016.

“Since 2016, Trump has claimed that he received Michigan’s ‘Man of the Year’ award, and no one in Michigan seems to know what he is talking about,” the report said.

Trump’s glaring threats of circumventing the Constitution are intensifying, but they are nothing new. Last year, Trump teased a run in 2024 on Instgram and Twitter. He later told MSNBC’s Chuck Todd that he was joking.

Not since Franklin Delano Roosevelt has the United States had a president occupy the Oval Office more than twice. FDR died of Polio on April 12, 1945, three months into his fourth term and less than four weeks before Nazi Germany surrendered to the Allies, ending World War II in Europe.

Today, having escaped removal from office when he was acquitted on two impeachment charges in February by Republicans in the Senate, his belief that he can do whatever he wants without consequence has undoubtedly been ossified into his mind.

Trump’s brazen disregard for the law and Incapability for effective governance, his sabotage of the United States Post Office, refusal to accept losing November’s election to Joe Biden, his disastrous mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic, his false claims of voter fraud, especially by mail (which is how he and his family cast ballots), and the prosect of an array of criminal indictments when he leaves office has made him desperate and dangerous. The question is, can be be stopped?

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