Donald Trump Vows Revenge On GOP Senator Who Criticized Him — Says He’ll Back Anyone With A Pulse Against Her

President Donald Trump tweeted Thursday evening to declare his intention to take down a Republican senator who dared to oppose him, saying he’d back anyone with a pulse to get her out of office. Senator Lisa Murkowski had spoken earlier in the day to say that General Jim Mattis’ criticism of Trump was “true and honest and necessary.”

Trump will avenge himself on senator
[Photo by Toni L. Sandys-Pool/Getty Images]

General James Mattis, former U.S. Secretary of Defense under Trump, criticized the president’s threats to bring military force against protestors. Later, Senator Murkowski said she was really thankful that Mattis had spoken up, and that she’s struggling with the decision whether to support Trump in the 2020 election. According to the New York Times, she did not support Trump’s election in 2016, and she may not be the only senator trying to make decisions about the upcoming presidential election. Murkowski praised General Mattis’ words and said they could be a tipping point for others who feel similarly.

She also said she had appreciated a statement from former President George W. Bush, which said, “Many doubt the justice of our country, and with good reason,” and called for “the way of empathy and shared commitment, and bold action, and a peace rooted in justice.”

Trump had already tweeted to trash Mattis, and again to trash John Kelly after the former chief of staff said Trump’s statements about Mattis weren’t true.

Now, he’s back on Twitter to dump on Murkowski, and announce he’ll support any candidate who opposes her, “good or bad, I don’t care,” and give his endorsement “if you have a pulse.”

Trump has something of a reputation for avenging himself on those who don’t give him their full support. This was speculated to be the case when North Carolina’s Senator Richard Burr was hit with an investigation for insider trading, after subpoenaing Don Jr. during the Mueller investigation, for example. However, rarely is it so starkly stated in the president’s own words.

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