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Trump Is Using Junk Science To Loosen Radiation Leak Restrictions While Claiming It’s Actually Good For You

Trump Is Using Junk Science To Loosen Radiation Leak Restrictions While Claiming It’s Actually Good For You

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Donald Trump’s administration continues to prove they are anti-science and this time their junk science has led to a loosening of restrictions surrounding radiation poisoning.

CBS News has reported that Trump and his political cronies are moving to weaken rules placed on radiation regulations. To accomplish their goal they are actually arguing that a little bit of radiation is good for you.

The U.S. Government has been arguing for more than a decade that exposure to radiation is harmful and poses a cancer risk. They have long said that workers at nuclear facilities and individuals living near Superfund sites should be concerned about their health.

Trump and his team, on the other hand, have been openly attacking regulations placed on toxins and air pollutants that affect our air and waterways.

Now, supporters of the EPA’s new proposal say it will help curtail the high costs of protecting the public from radiation damage.

“This would have a positive effect on human health as well as save billions and billions and billions of dollars,” said Edward Calabrese, a toxicologist at the University of Massachusetts.

During a Congressional hearing on Wednesday, he said,  “The regulatory agencies are kind of a cult, but they don’t know they’re part of a cult.”

He’s part of a fringe group of scientists who say radiation exposure can damage cells while activating the body’s repair mechanisms which, in turn, makes the body stronger and people who are exposed healthier.

Esquire notes that the cockamamie plan is backed by Steven Milloy, a Trump transition team member who has regularly attacked the EPA using fringe science, going so far as to challenge climate change science and speaking out against studies that say tobacco poses a risk to the human body.

The move is a dramatic departure from the EPA’s guidance as late as March 2018 in which the agency said, “Current science suggests there is some cancer risk from any exposure to radiation.”

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“Even exposures below 100 millisieverts” — an amount roughly equivalent to 25 chest X-rays or about 14 CT chest scans — “slightly increase the risk of getting cancer in the future,” Stat News reported of the agency’s guidance.

Advocates of stronger radiation exposure laws are attempting to fight back against the newly proposed guidelines.

“If they even look at that — no, no, no,” Terrie Barrie, a resident of Craig, Colorado, told Time. Barrie became an advocate against loosening radiation restrictions after her husband and other workers at the now-closed Rocky Flats nuclear-weapons plant were publicly compensated by the U.S. government after it was determined that their exposure to radiation led to high cancer rates.

The Trump administration is hellbent on deregulating energy producers. From these Supersite attacks to allowing coal providers to dump their toxic waste into waterways, there appears to be no end to Trump’s attack on the environment and the people who live in and around certain energy-producing areas.

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