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Donald Trump Trusts The USPS To Deliver His Campaign Gear

Donald Trump Trusts The USPS To Deliver His Campaign Gear

The President trusts USPS, he just doesn't want dems to vote

Donald Trump has launched a full-scale attack on the United States Postal Service. It’s so severe that his Postmaster General’s changes to the system are under investigation by the USPS Inspector General, and the U.S. House has been called back into session for a Saturday vote to protect the USPS. Trump himself said in an interview that by holding up funding, he can prevent USPS being used for voting, and that mail-in ballots would be harmful to the Republican party. However, while he claims that the Post Office is failing and needs his touch to fix it, he’s using it to deliver his own campaign products.

The President trusts USPS, he just doesn't want dems to vote
[Photo by Brittany Greeson/The Washington Post via Getty Images]

As The Hill reports, when asked about his attacks on the function of the USPS, he claimed he’s actually fixing it. “It’s been run horribly. And we’re going to make it good,” he maintained.

However, Twitter users noticed something: if you make a purchase on Trump’s campaign site, USPS is the service he’s chosen to deliver your merchandise.

Sure enough, when tested with an attempted purchase of a $30 Make America Great Again hat, here are the options offered: USPS First Class Package, and USPS Priority Mail.

Donald Trump uses USPS but doesn't want you to
[Screenshot via Trump Campaign Site]

If the Postal Service is failing so miserably, why isn’t the president offering a different shipping option for his re-election campaign?

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That’s not all Trump is relying on the USPS for. As previously reported, his campaign is assuring Republican voters that mailing their ballots will be effective. He has mailed his own ballots, as have members of his staff.

In fact, upon entering Trump’s campaign site, the first thing a visitor sees is a pop-up invitation to request a mail-in ballot.

Donald Trump says to trust the USPS to deliver an absentee ballot
[Screenshot via Donald Trump Campaign Site]

As social media users also pointed out, Trump’s campaign uses the USPS to solicit donations, and apparently trusts the institution to deliver these.

The president says that ballots will disappear in the mail — but he trusts the system enough to deliver his own vote, and those of his staff, as well as campaign solicitations and merchandise, and he encourages Republicans to trust that their ballots will be delivered. Yet he repeatedly warns the public that the USPS is not safe, needs repair, loses ballots, and isn’t trustworthy.

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