Donald Trump Trashes Fox News As “Unwatchable!” After Accidentally Sharing Criticism By A Contributor

Donald Trump has appeared on Fox News opinion shows numerous times, and sat for interviews with the network’s correspondents. However, he’s been expressing disappointment and irritation with Fox, saying they’ve changed since the death of Roger Ailes. Now he appears to be taking credit for the network’s success, and is complaining that Fox “totally forgot who got them where they are.”

Donald Trump trashes Fox News
[Photo by Brendan Smialowski / AFP via Getty Images]

Wednesday morning, Donald Trump retweeted an article from Judge Andrew Napolitano, a regular Fox News contributor. He may not have realized that, in the opinion piece, Napolitano thoroughly trashes Trump’s decision to place Federal forces in Portland against protestors.

Wednesday afternoon, whether it was because he saw daytime Fox news coverage — which Political Flare points out can be more moderate than some of Trump’s favorite commentary shows — or because he realized a Fox contributor had spoken out against him, Trump was less than happy with the network.

“Not even watchable!” he tweeted. “They totally forgot who got them where they are!”

Later in the evening, he tweeted again to complain about the network’s reporting on Portland.

While Trump didn’t say exactly what he believed Fox had gotten wrong about Portland, one thing they reported that day was that Portland officials had said Feds were leaving the city — something that Trump’s Acting DHS Secretary also denied Wednesday.

Notably, the report cited the Oregon Governor Kate Brown, reporting specifically that she had said feds would be leaving — which she did.

Trump’s criticism of Fox News isn’t entirely new. Among other things, he has complained when Fox News polls don’t show him winning.

Trump also had an interview last month with Chris Wallace, aired on Fox News, in which Wallace pressed him hard on issues, contradicting the president when he made false claims, and even telling him that passing a Montreal Cognitive Assessment isn’t actually that hard or impressive.

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