Donald Trump Tours Mask Factory — Without A Mask

Only days after Vice President Mike Pence admitted he should have worn a protective face mask during his visit to the Mayo Clinic, President Donald Trump has repeated the gaffe — at a mask factory. Touring a factory where masks are being made to help prevent and reduce the transfer of SARS-CoV2, Trump can be seen in multiple photos wearing no mask. Unlike on Pence’s trip, Trump isn’t the only one unmasked. His whole visible entourage in the photos is too.

Jim Acosta, White House correspondent for CNN, shared photos of Trump and his team moving through the Honeywell facility in Arizona. Trump can be seen wearing safety glasses, but no mask. Acosta later updated that a White House official said Honeywell officials told them they did not need masks.

However, the signs in the facility suggest otherwise. In one of Acosta’s photos, a sign can be seen calling for the use of safety glasses and hard hats in the area. Beneath it, a second sign, this one handwritten on paper, calls for everyone in the area to wear masks.

Honeywell and Trump have been nothing but complimentary of one another, with Trump congratulating the company on the speed with which they prepared a facility to make masks, and Honeywell tweeting their thanks to the president.

Only last week, Trump’s VP, Mike Pence, traveled to Minnesota to visit a Mayo Clinic campus to discuss COVID-19 and containment and treatment efforts. When he was criticized for failing to wear a mask through the clinic, his first response, too, was denial. His wife made a public appearance to claim that Pence didn’t know he was expected to wear a mask, and also didn’t need one since he wasn’t sick. However, he later admitted that he should have covered his face too.

Trump and those around him go through testing and screening regularly since the coronavirus pandemic began, and all efforts are made to keep the president from being exposed to the virus. However, in his presidential duties and ceremonial activities, he travels frequently, and by necessity interacts with groups of people. The SARS-CoV2 virus can have long incubation periods, and masks have been recommended by public health experts as a protective precaution.

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