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Donald Trump Told Homeland Security He Wanted To Gas Immigrants, Maim Them, Tear Families Apart

Donald Trump Told Homeland Security He Wanted To Gas Immigrants, Maim Them, Tear Families Apart

Donald Trump wanted to gas immigrants

Miles Taylor, the former DHS chief of staff, has been sharing stories of working with President Donald Trump. The newest information he’s passing on to the public is about Trump’s immigration strategies — or rather, strategies he fantasized aloud about to his team. According to Taylor, he would list a string of options that were “impossible, illegal, unethical.”

Donald Trump wanted to gas immigrants
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Fortunately for the public, Taylor took notes. At some point, all of this became too much, and he left the position. Before that, though, he collected numerous stories that he’s now sharing.

Speaking to Rick Wilson and Molly Jong-Fast on the New Abnormal podcast, Taylor described Trump discussing possibilities for the harm he could do to undocumented immigrants to deter others from coming. As The Daily Beast reports on the episode, these included utter horrors.

When it came to the border wall, Trump would dream up “sickening” medieval plots “to pierce the flesh” of migrants, rip all the families apart, “maim,” and gas them, Taylor claims.

Content warning: the podcast below includes strong language and disturbing imagery.

The president kept saying, “I wanna restart [the family separation policy], and I want to make it ten times as bad. Every kid, every parent, you gotta rip ’em apart.”

He goes on.

Even worse than that are some of the ideas that the president had for dealing with migrants at the border. So, he wanted to maim them, and tear gas them, and shoot them, and I’m not even being hyperbolic. We sat in a meeting one time where the president was…talking about how he wanted us to design the border wall, and one day, the focus was on the spike. He was really upset because, from the pictures we were showing him of the steel bollards, he said the spikes weren’t sharp enough. He said “I want you to go back and run me a cost estimate. How can they be sharper? I want them so sharp it’ll pierce human flesh, so it’ll go right through their hands or arm if they try to climb it.”

He also describes the president wanting to shoot or tear gas immigrants as they approached the border — even before they arrived in the United States. Taylor says that when Trump was told something he wanted was illegal, he’d say, “Do it. If you get in trouble I’ll pardon you.”

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Miles Taylor has previously shared that he’s voting for Biden after his experience in the Trump administration, saying that Trump wouldn’t allow Russian interference in elections to even be discussed, and that he was obsessed with the idea that as President, he had ‘magical authorities’ to do as he pleased.

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