Donald Trump To Use Mount Rushmore Independence Day Event To Attack ‘Left-Wing Mob’ For Anti-Racism

Friday evening Donald Trump will appear at Mount Rushmore for an event celebrating the anniversary of the nation’s independence. His planned speech reportedly includes attacks on what he’ll call the ‘left-wing mob’ for fighting to remove monuments that celebrate racism and slavery. He’s expected to call the activism anti-American and totalitarian.

at mount rushmore donald trump will attack leftists
[Photo by BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP via Getty Images]

ABC News reporter Will Steakin shared Friday that a senior campaign official had revealed some of the expected themes of Donald Trump’s event. This apparently includes a version of American history that honors Confederate statues and all they stand for, and opposes those who would try to have them removed.

Raw Story points out that Trump has been protecting these monuments, and even threatened to hold up a military funding bill if there is any consideration for renaming military bases that are named for Confederate generals. This is despite a shift in public opinion that has resulted in a majority supporting the removal of these monuments.

Trump tweeted this himself last week, throwing in a racial slur for Elizabeth Warren for supporting the idea of renaming these bases.

The week before, he claimed that anyone removing Confederate monuments could face ten years in prison, even asserting that this could be applied retroactively.

He’ll reportedly say all of this in an event at Mount Rushmore — which was carved into Six Grandfathers Mountain, a site sacred to the Lakota Sioux, who named the site as a representation of the four directions, the Earth, and the sky. Activists have already said that Mount Rushmore should also be removed, because it was imposed on this sacred site. Native American Net Roots explains why it’s seen as a monument to white supremacy:

The sculptor, who admired Manifest Destiny and saw the conquest of the Lakota and the theft of their sacred land as justifiable, dedicated the sculptures to the Expansion of the United States. From Borglum’s perspective, Manifest Destiny, an expression of racial superiority, was an expression of the rightful order of the world.

The governor of South Dakota has stated that the sculpture will stand untouched, and that references to connections with white supremacy amount to slander.

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