Donald Trump Threatens Lawsuit After His Campaign Is Held To Same Twitter Rules As Everyone Else

The President of the United States is threatening to sue a social media company after they enforced their rules when his re-election campaign broke them. The site has forbidden posting a recent article that includes disinformation about Joe Biden and the upcoming election, and the Trump Campaign has joined other Republican entities and operatives in making an effort to sidestep that rule.

Donald Trump threatens to sue Twitter
[Photo by Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post via Getty Images]

The official Trump Campaign Twitter account, Team Trump, tweeted a video relating to the banned article. The video ad calls Biden a liar and shared unverified propaganda. A social media staffer for the Trump Campaign soon complained that the campaign account had been suspended for breaking the rules.

When the account was reinstated, the campaign was not deterred, and immediately reposted the video that Twitter had already flagged as a rule violation.

Donald Trump's campaign doesn't follow Twitter rules
[Screenshot via Team Trump/Twitter]

According to Politico, Donald Trump followed this up with a threat to sue the social media company. “It’s going to all end up in a big lawsuit,” he warned. “And there are things that can happen that are very severe that I’d rather not see happen. But it’s probably going to have to.”

It’s not the first time Donald Trump has leveled threats at social media companies for requiring that he, or in this case, his campaign, follow the same rules as other users. Earlier this year, he threatened to pass legislation that would control how social media could limit political speech, or shutting down companies altogether. Most well-known is perhaps his attempts to ban TikTok after users pranked him by signing up for rally tickets and not showing up.

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