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Donald Trump Skipped SATs, Cheated His Way Into Wharton, His Niece Says

Donald Trump Skipped SATs, Cheated His Way Into Wharton, His Niece Says

donald trump cheated to get into college

Mary Trump’s book about her uncle, Donald Trump, is being released early in response to high demand, and the contents are already starting to leak in bits and pieces. In a bit released today, it’s revealed that the president’s niece says he got into Wharton Business School under false pretenses.

donald trump cheated to get into college
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Trump has often boasted about attending Wharton, even referencing it when he hinted at a presidential bid in 2014. However, according to Raw Story, Mary Trump’s book addresses this, saying the president didn’t get into the school on his own merits. She says that his acceptance to Wharton hinged in part on his SAT scores — and that he didn’t take the SAT. Instead, she says, he paid someone else to do it for him.





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As Forbes reported last year, Donald Trump’s boasts about graduating at the top of his class at Wharton had already been debunked. Trump graduated with no honors, according to school records, which provide some information about his GPA:

Some schools base honors on GPA percentile, but Wharton bases them simply on GPA, which means that in order to graduate without honors, his GPA had to have been less than a 3.40—or else that he was sanctioned for academic integrity or student conduct violations.

In fact, Trump’s former fixer and personal attorney, Michale Cohen, testified before Congress that Trump had directed him to contact all of the schools Trump had attended and threaten them with legal action if any of his scores or records were ever released.

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