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Donald Trump Shatters His Own Monthly Dishonesty Record

Donald Trump Shatters His Own Monthly Dishonesty Record

U.S. President Donald Trump told more lies and made more false claims in August than in any other month of his Presidency to date.

Canadian publication, The Toronto Star has been tracking Trump’s false, misleading, and blatant lies since he took office and August 2018 shattered previous false comments made by the 45th POTUS.

In August 2018 the President made 321 false claims, surpassing his July record of 280 which had already broken his record of 268 set in June 2018.

The President’s record was helped along by 83 false claims the President made in the week that began Monday, August 27.

The Toronto Start may very well have the most comprehensive collection of Trump’s false claims on the internet. Under a special project set up by the publication, users can examine Trump’s claims based on various topics and learn the truth behind his lies. You can view the project HERE.

During his first 591 days in office, President Trump made 2,519 false claims or 4.3 per day according to The Toronto Sun.

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What may be most troubling is the number of false claims Trump has made in recent months. As an increasing number of his associates plead or are found guilty of crimes, the President’s often incoherent rants and false claims continue to skyrocket.

Photo Credit: The Toronto Star

From blatant lies about 9/11 to false claims about the U.S. economic recovery and immigration, nothing seems off-limits to the POTUS.  Trump at one point even said he remembered living through Pearl Harbor, even though he was born years after the attack.

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