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Donald Trump Says Ukraine Should Have “Made A Deal” By Giving Putin Crimea

Donald Trump Says Ukraine Should Have “Made A Deal” By Giving Putin Crimea

Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine continues, and the former president continues to give his opinions on it. Currently, those amount to an echo of his longstanding claim that if he’d been re-elected, Putin would never have dared, and a declaration that Ukraine should have made a deal, and that since the country didn’t do so, they can expect a full-scale takeover by Russia.

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Trump has weighed in on Ukraine repeatedly since the invasion began, ranging from the false claim in February that American soldiers were being sent to Ukraine to fight against Russia, to describing the invasion as a ‘peacemaking‘ mission, to the ever-present insistence that he, Trump, could solve all the problems himself if he was only consulted.

Now, appearing on a podcast, Trump has reiterated his claims that the invasion wouldn’t have happened with him in office — but also suggests that Ukraine is at fault, because they should have “made a deal” and surrendered Crimea to Putin.

“He wouldn’t have done it, with me. He wouldn’t have done it. At a minimum, they should have made a deal. They could have given up Crimea. They could have done something with NATO, [said] ‘Okay we’re not going to join NATO.’ And you’d have a country, ’cause I believe Putin wanted to make a deal. Now I don’t think he wants to make a deal. I think it’s much tougher to make a deal. He’s blowing up the whole place. He’ll take over the whole place. It’s very very sad to watch what happened with Ukraine.”

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