Donald Trump Says He’s Not Worried About Rally Safety — Because He’s Far From The Crowd

Donald Trump says he’s not worried about COVID-19 spreading at his rallies, since he’s far from the crowd and feels it’s unlikely he’s at risk for catching it. Though thousands of supporters crowded into his Nevada event locale, against state regulations, Trump says that he feels safe since he is on stage, far from the crowd.

Donald Trump is sure rallies are safe, since he's not near the crowd
[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]

The Las Vegas Review-Journal interviewed Donald Trump Sunday, and asked him about his events in Nevada over the weekend. Trump’s campaign had promoted two weekend rallies at airports, though a spokesperson for one of the locations said they had never confirmed the event. Both were canceled, due to a statewide ban on gatherings of more than 50 people, per White House guidelines.

Trump expressed frustration that he was refused permission to hold his event at several locations, finally turning to an indoor facility owned by a friend of his. When asked about the safety factor, Trump assured the reporter that he was not concerned.

I’m on a stage and it’s very far away. And so I’m not at all concerned.

The president did not address whether he was concerned for the safety of his supporters, thousands of whom showed up at the rally, or their families or others they might encounter and pass the virus on to, if it spread at his event.

In a series of tweets, Nevada’s Governor Steve Sisolak said that the president acted selfishly and irresponsibly, defying emergency directives and endangering efforts to get the state’s economy back on track after the pandemic.

According to CNN, this is Trump’s first official indoor rally since his Tulsa event in June. After that event, Oklahoma saw spikes in COVID-19 cases, but Trump also maintained that this event was safe, citing great television ratings as evidence.

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