Donald Trump Says He Won’t Allow Navy SEALS To Update Ethos Language To Include Women

Donald Trump has declared that he will not permit a decision made by the Navy SEALS to update the language in their official ethos and creed. The SEALs had shifted the language to make the ethos and creed gender-neutral, eliminating the words “brotherhood” and “man” in order to be inclusive of women as well.

Donald Trump says he won't let Navy SEALs change words
[Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images]

The Stars and Stripes reports that the Navy SEALS have updated language in their ethos and creed, replacing a few words. These include changing “A common man with uncommon desire to succeed,” to “Common citizens with uncommon desire to succeed,” in the SEAL ethos, replacing “I am that man,” with “I am that warrior,” and “brotherhood” with “group of maritime warriors.”

The conservative publication, the Columbia Bugle, tweeted disapprovingly of the change. President Donald Trump shared this tweet, adding a declaration that he will “be overturning this ridiculous order immediately!”

As reported by Military News, the first woman to do so completed training and qualified as a SEAL; however she chose a different placement.

Naval Special Warfare spokesman Lt. Cmdr. Matthew Stroup says the language update is intended to reflect that the elite unit is open to women as well, and said that the few changed words do not affect the standards of the SEALs.

The changes do not in any way reflect lowering standards of entry, rather they ensure that all those who meet the requirements to train to become a SEAL or SWCC are represented in the ethos or creed they live out.

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