Donald Trump Says He Owes His Win To Black Voters Not Showing Up

Donald Trump said the quiet part out loud again: when Black voters don’t, won’t, or can’t, vote, it works out well for him. According to new exclusive reporting by The Independent, Trump told a group of civil rights leaders, including Martin Luther King Jr.’s son, that it’s good for him when Black people don’t make it to the polls.

Donald Trump Black voters not showing up is good
[Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]

The Independent reports that Trump said when Black voters don’t cast a ballot, it’s “almost as good” as if they vote for him. He said that he’d gotten more of the Black vote than the last two Republican candidates, but that the more important issue was the votes his opponent didn’t get.

I got many more votes than Romney, many more votes than McCain… we ended up with 11 percent… and I’ll tell you, it’s much more if you add — many blacks didn’t go out to vote for Hillary [because] they liked me — that was almost as good as getting the vote.

This is in keeping with his current theme, in which he has been urging Black voters not to support Joe Biden.

Trump has been accused of fighting to suppress voters, with his Postmaster General Louis DeJoy actually being called in to Congress to testify about changes he’s made that have slowed the mail. With more Democrats saying they’d prefer to vote by mail due to COVID-19, Trump has fought against mail-in ballots, saying that they’re at high risk for fraud, even as he, his campaign, and state and local GOP have encouraged Republicans to mail in their votes.

He’s also been specifically accused of conspiring with Kanye West to create a ‘spoiler’ campaign that would pull some voters who are unwilling to support Trump away from Biden.

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