Donald Trump Says Bidens Are A ‘Crime Family’ And Hunter Is A Vacuum Cleaner

Donald Trump, at an official White House event, spoke about his political rival, calling Joe Biden’s family a “crime family” and Hunter Biden a “vacuum cleaner.” Meanwhile, Trump’s own son was deposed earlier this month regarding the criminal activity that the Trump Organization and its agents are alleged to have committed.

Donald Trump trashes Biden family
[Photo by BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP via Getty Images]

On Friday afternoon, Donald Trump held an event in Florida, speaking about protecting America’s seniors. During his speech, he turned the subject to Hunter Biden, who has been a favorite subject for the right wing lately, since a mysterious laptop surfaced through the hands of Rudy Giuliani, emails that are claimed to be Hunter’s correspondence. The Biden campaign has already responded, saying that a check of schedules confirms that not only was Joe not a part of the alleged meeting, but he couldn’t have been.

Still, Trump brought the story up, calling the Bidens a crime family and Hunter a “vacuum cleaner” that “follows his father around, collecting.” (It’s not clear if Trump is aware how vacuum cleaners work.)

As the video clip spread, voters were quick to point out that the president has been accused of a long list of criminal acts, and was even impeached for his actions with regard to Ukraine, and attempts to have Joe and Hunter Biden’s names smeared. When it comes to sons and family crimes, as ABC News reported at the time, Eric Trump was deposed on October 5th in New York, despite attempting to delay until after the election. He was being questioned in his role as executive of the family business, as part of an investigation into whether the values of Trump Organization assets were misrepresented for financial gain.

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