Donald Trump Retweets Criticism Of Federal Forces’ Behavior In Portland: “This Is How Totalitarianism Begins”

During Donald Trump’s Wednesday morning Twitter session, he talked about “sleepy Joe Biden,” retweeted his own boasts about his COVID-19 response, pushed a Fox News contributor’s new book, and retweeted articles from supporters. However, he also retweeted one story that perhaps he didn’t intend — an opinion from Judge Andrew Napolitano, criticizing the decision to send Federal forces into Portland, and the actions of those forces against protestors.

Donald Trump: Feds in Portland are step to totalitarianism
[Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images]

Trump (accidentally?) retweeted a Washington Times opinion piece from last week, in which Judge Napolitano says, “Portland is in America, right? What’s going on here?” Mocking the use of the phrase “law and order” by both Donald Trump and Acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf, he goes on, “There is nothing lawful or orderly about what these agents did. Their activities in Portland are unlawful, unconstitutional and harmful.”

Donald Trump tweets that feds in Portland is unAmerican
[Screenshot via Donald Trump/Twitter]

Though the first few paragraphs of the piece say that local officials in Portland need to be replaced, and call out some of the protests as destructive, the majority is a condemnation of the actions of Federal forces that were sent into Portland — “without notice or consent” — and of an administration that would take this action.

This is how totalitarianism begins. The feds claim that federal property needs protection…Then, the reinforcements beat and arrest and harm protesters because their bosses in Washington do not approve of the protesters’ message.

Public dissent against the government is a core personal freedom. It is as American as apple pie. It was integral to the creation of our republic. Government repression of dissent is totalitarian. It is as un-American as the governments against which we fought world wars to preserve our core freedoms.

Shortly after retweeting this, Trump again declared the same words Napolitano says his actions don’t reflect.

It’s hardly the first time Trump has accidentally retweeted criticism of himself. In May, it happened twice. Trump shared a tweet mocking him and Fox News, and a tweet calling him “dumb, sloppy, and moist” sat on his timeline for about an hour before Trump apparently realized what he’d shared and deleted it.

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