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Donald Trump Releases Gleeful Statement Over COVID-19 Death Toll

Donald Trump Releases Gleeful Statement Over COVID-19 Death Toll

COVID-19 has killed over three-quarters of a million people in the United States alone, and despite vaccine rollouts and other measures that give hope for keeping the death rate to a minimum, nobody can exactly be pleased that more than 780k of our neighbors, co-workers, and family members have been lost along the way — right?

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A new statement from Donald Trump, however, appears to show joy and glee in the resurgence of the pandemic, as he seems to boast over Joe Biden’s failure to singlehandedly stop a global pandemic in the face of an entire political movement fighting to limit the effectiveness of every possible safety measure.

While right-wing disinformation artists have fought to keep their constituents and fans more afraid of vaccines and masks than of spreading a disease that’s killing off the population, Trump boasts, “The virus has beaten [Biden] — and badly. Far more people died this year than last.”

The full statement is below.

[Trump Statement on COVID-19 via Trump War Room/Twitter]

Biden said that he was going to “beat the virus” but instead, the virus has beaten him — and badly. Far more people died this year than last, despite tremendous help from vaccines and therapeutics developed under “Trump.” He said anybody with his results should leave office. Well Joe, what are you waiting for!

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The tweet-length statement, shared from Trump-aligned accounts like Trump War Room since the former president is no longer able to tweet for himself, suggested that Biden should resign due to COVID-19 deaths, though, unlike Trump, the current administration has not downplayed the risk of the virus and is actively fighting it.

[COVID-19 Daily Death Toll Chart via Centers for Disease Control]

The latest charts (an interactive version is available here) from the CDC show that, despite a new spike in COVID-19 deaths, the current daily death toll does not match the peak death rate, in January, when records show more than 3k U.S. deaths reported in a day. In fact, the current death rate from the virus is less than half of that, though there’s still a fight ongoing to limit the devastation caused by the pandemic.

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