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Donald Trump Promises Seniors The Same Care He Got, For Free, Admits He Was “Very Sick” As Election Looms

Donald Trump Promises Seniors The Same Care He Got, For Free, Admits He Was “Very Sick” As Election Looms

Donald Trump has often been criticized for failing to follow through on promises. His latest promise, in a video clip posted to his Twitter feed, is that older Americans in an age range to be particularly vulnerable to COVID-19 will have the same medical treatment he received, at no cost. With reports that Joe Biden crossed the critical 270 elector vote mark, Trump described himself as capable of handling the crisis, and his opponent as unable to do so.

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In the clip, Trump offers no plan for how he will provide this, doesn’t say whether the treatment will be accessible to all Americans or just senior citizens, and doesn’t address whether any other medical care, including preventative care, would be provided. Instead, he admits he was “very sick” when he went into the hospital Friday (a sharp contrast with the previous statements insisting it was merely a precaution), and that the medications provided, including experimental treatments that are not yet publicly available, worked for him so quickly that he could have left the next day. Then he promises that he’ll make the same available to “my favorite people in the world — seniors,” for free.


“To my favorite people in the world — seniors. I’m a senior. I know you don’t know that. Nobody knows that,” the president begins. “We have medicines right now — I call them a cure,” he says. “I went into the hospital a week ago. I was very sick.” He says that after taking the medications made available to him through Walter Reed’s top-tier medical team, he “could have walked out the next day. Sooner.”

He promises these treatments will be available “immediately,” and takes credit.

To seniors, he says, “They like to say you’re vulnerable. You’re not vulnerable. You’re the least vulnerable. But for this one thing, you are vulnerable. And so am I. But I want you to get the same care that I got…You’re gonna get the same medicine, you’re gonna get it free. No charge! And we’re gonna get it to you soon…We’re gonna take care of our seniors, all free.” He does not offer any specifics about when “immediately” might be, or what kind of plan he’s proposing to make the treatments available.

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Trump then transitions into bashing his opponent in the 2020 election.

The president was checked into Walter Reed last Friday, assuring the public it was just a precaution. Since then, information released about his diagnosis, timeline, and treatment has included contradictions, and the White House has refused to state when Trump’s last negative COVID-19 test was. Though he is still within the 10-day quarantine period, the president has been releasing videos, maskless, apparently filmed outside the White House. It’s not clear whether he is still on the steroid treatment he began receiving while in the hospital.

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