Donald Trump Promises Caution For His, Pence’s Health So Nancy Pelosi Doesn’t Serve As President

Donald Trump has reportedly implemented some additional precautions in the White House, including asking staffers to start wearing masks. Now he says that he and Vice President Mike Pence will take extra care not to catch the virus, after seeing a tweet explaining that Nancy Pelosi would be third in line to serve as President in the event that COVID-19 (or anything else) forced a succession.

Nancy Pelosi president? Trump promises to be careful
[Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images]

A Just The News piece tweeted Monday afternoon garnered a response from President Trump. The article lays out the lines of presidential succession under current law. In short, if Trump and Pence were both rendered unable to serve, the next person in line to fill the role until a new election would be Nancy Pelosi. Trump is no fan of Pelosi, who he has called crazy and nervous, saying “there’s something wrong with her upstairs”, accusing her of staging impeachment as a hoax, and generally implying she’s anti-American, incompetent, and engaging in dirty politics.

A tweet of the article explaining how presidential succession works must have caught Trump’s eye Tuesday morning, because he retweeted it, along with a response promising to protect his health to avoid an eventuality in which Pelosi held presidential power.

Trump and Pence have been criticized for their repeated decisions not to wear masks when engaging in public events. After a meeting between Trump and many GOP senators, with none masked, Trump Jr. spoke out in defense of his father, touting the same testing for which the president himself has expressed disdain. However, according to the Wall Street Journal, White House staff will now be wearing protective masks, after Trump’s personal valet, Pence’s press secretary, and an assistant to Ivanka Trump, as well as almost a dozen Secret Service members, all tested positive for the virus.

The amount of activity at the White House makes transmission a high risk, if precautions aren’t being taken. Though everyone who comes into contact with Trump is tested for SARS-CoV-2, the rapid tests that give results in minutes instead of days have a high rate of false negatives. With implementation of masks, Trump appears to be taking more care regarding the health of White House occupants. With Nancy Pelosi’s hypothetical occupation of the White House dangled before him, though, he’s now offered a public promise to be very careful indeed.

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