Donald Trump Posts Video Celebrating Joe Biden In Coffin

U.S. President Donald Trump posted a video to Facebook last Tuesday morning, edited to give the appearance that African Americans are celebrating the death of Biden’s campaign. In the video, men carrying a coffin dance and celebrate The video is doctored to show Biden’s name on the side of the coffin.

Trump shared video of Dead Biden
[Screenshot via Donald Trump Facebook]

The original video is from BBC Africa, and focuses on funeral traditions in Ghana. There, funerals are celebrations, and in the video, we see the performance of dancers carrying a coffin, dropping to the ground, waving their arms, and otherwise performing in a celebratory manner. Trump’s edit, without the cultural context, looks less like a celebration of life than gloating over a death — of Biden’s campaign.

The video can also be seen on Trump’s Facebook page here.

The video cuts to the interview in which Biden said, “If you have a problem deciding whether you’re voting for me or Trump, you ain’t black.” The Trump campaign has painted this line as evidence of Biden and the Democratic party as being intensely racist, and as the death knell for his campaign — even as Trump shares a video co-opting a custom and tradition from another country, appropriating it to make a campaign point.

Donald Trump celebrates Biden campaign death
[Screenshot via Donald Trump/Facebook]

The original BBC Africa video can be seen below.

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