Donald Trump Plays Dumb on Postmaster General Louis DeJoy: ‘I Don’t Know What He’s Doing’

President Donald Trump on Saturday defended Postmaster General Louis DeJoy‘s ongoing hatchet job to the United States Postal Service, gleefully predicting at a press conference that it could take “months” or “years” to determine a winner in November’s presidential election.

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DeJoy, whom Trump put in charge of the USPS in June, has had a meteoric ascent from obscurity to infamy because of his willingness to dismantle crucial mail-in voting infrastructure at the president’s pleasure.

Asked by a reporter if he ultimately bears responsibility for the USPS’s ability to carry out its duties, Trump said that his “man in there,” DeJoy, “is a very talented person” who has “done great” and is “working very hard.”

Instead, Trump deflected blame onto the Democrats, whom he accused of “not approving proper funding for postal.” Trump then accused Democrats of blocking funding for “this ridiculous thing that they want to do, which is all mail-in voting.”

For millions, mail-in voting is the only safe choice amid the coronavirus pandemic, which has killed more than 168,000 Americans since March.

Trump was also asked if DeJoy’s controversial cuts “had your backing.” His answer is disturbing.

DeJoy “is a great man” who “wants to make the Post Office great again,” Trump combatively replied. “You ever hear the expression? He wants to make the Post Office great again. The Post Office is a catastrophe.”

When he was pressed on specifics, Trump became flustered and confessed that he had no idea what was really going on.

“I don’t know what he’s doing, I can only tell you he’s a very smart man,” Trump said of DeJoy. “He’ll be a great postmaster general… who’s obviously going to need funding. But the Democrats aren’t willing to provide tother things so they won’t get the funding for that.”

The president’s assertion is completely false. Democrats have proposed $25 billion but Trump and the Republicans have said no.

Trump then dove head-first into ‘delegitimize the election’ mode.

“You are going to have a catatrophic situation with universal mail-in votes,” Trump continued. “Usually at the end of the evening, they say ‘Donald Trump has won the election, Donald Trump is your new president. You know what? You’re not going to know this — possibly, if you really did it right — for months or for years. Because these ballots are all going to be lost, they’re all going to be gone.”

As it happens, the president votes by mail. He and First Lady Melania Trump requested their mail-in ballots in Florida last Tuesday, and it has actually been Trump – by his own admission – throttling emergency funding for the USPS.

On Thursday, Trump went on live television to brag that he is willfully sabotating the USPS to help himself in November’s election and that mail-in voting would lead to a “rigged election.” Trump offered no evidence to support this claim.

“The whole thing with this mail-in ballot, that’s a rigged election waiting to happen,” Trump said on Mornings with Maria. “It’s rigged and everyone knows it.”

He continued:

“It’s a disaster. It’s a rigged election waiting to happen, and it’s just common sense. You wouldn’t even have to know anything about politics or elections. It’s common sense.”

Last Friday night, The Washington Post reported that Postmaster General Louis DeJoy had conducted a Friday Night Massacre style purge of top USPS officials in the midst of congressional investigations into policy changes that have had a detrimental effect on mail delivery.

In addition to getting caught decommissioning mail sorting machines – the kind used to manage mail-in ballots – the USPS warned in a letter on Thursday that voters in 46 states are in danger of disenfranchisement because “certain state-law requirements & deadlines appear to be incompatible with the Postal Service’s delivery standards.”

Over the last few days, a growing number of Democratic lawmakers and state-level officials have begun demanding that Trump and DeJoy be held accountable and that the USPS – along with the future of American democracy – are protected.

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