Donald Trump Motorcade Met By “Too Many Middle Fingers To Count”

A White House correspondent says that as President Donald Trump’s motorcade moved down Pennsylvania Avenue Friday afternoon, protestors held up signs, and so many made a certain middle-finger gesture at the vehicle that it was more than could be counted.

too many middle fingers to count for Donald Trump
[Photo by Chris Carlson-Pool/Getty Images]

Hunter Walker is a member of the White House press pool, writing for Yahoo News. On Friday, Trump left the White House heading for New Hampshire. Covering the trip, Walker reported that the motorcade met a group of protestors. They held up signs reading “Black Lives Matter” and “White Silence = Black Death,” among others. They also held up middle fingers — “far too many middle fingers to count.”

Several of the people in the crowd opted to raise both of their middle fingers in a double-barreled one-finger salute.

Walker surmises that the protesters were in the area for events surrounding the anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s March On Washington. The Commitment March, marking that anniversary, arrived in D.C. Friday. Video captured of protestors along Pennsylvania Avenue show signs calling for “total abolition” and suggesting that law enforcement and justice reforms have been wholly inadequate.

Donald Trump had tweeted shortly before to announce that he was heading for New Hampshire.

His public schedule shows the New Hampshire visit to be quite brief: he plans to arrive at Manchester-Boston Regional Airport at 5:40, deliver remarks at 6pm, and depart at 7:25 to return to the White House. There has been much criticism over the president using taxpayer-funded travel and other resources to campaign for his re-election, including giving his RNC speech from the White House lawn.

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