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Donald Trump’s Most Controversial Tweets: June 25 to July 1 Edition

Donald Trump’s Most Controversial Tweets: June 25 to July 1 Edition

President Donald Trump has made it a habit of tweeting whatever comes to his mind. Many of the POTUS’ tweets have drawn criticism for personal attacks against people and business who don’t align with his own ideologies while others have drawn criticism from personal rights groups, his opponents, his own party, and various other groups.

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In this new Sunday series, we examine the most controversial, confusing, out outright incorrect tweets sent from the official @RealDonaldTrump Twitter account.

This weeks edition features Tweets psoted from June 25, 2018, through July 1, 2018.

Attacking A Private Business


In this tweet, Donald Trump attacked the Red Hen Restaurant after it’s owner refused to serve Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. While the Red Hen was not free of fault (its owner heckled Sanders even after she left the restaurant), Trump came under criticism for using his position to claim the restaurant wasn’t fit to serve customers. Our very own Ed Krassenstein wrote a post about the positive reviews the restaurant has received, including reviews about the cleanliness of the restaurant.

Tweeting About Detainment Centers


President Trump has come under increasing fire for his treatment of children who have been ripped away from their parents. On June 25, the President claimed that his internment camps are better run than President Obama’s. The President’s tweet was met with anger after numerous reports suggested that children were being tortured and threatened by employees at various facilities.

Steph Bazzle wrote a post for HillReporter which highlights some of the atrocities being faced by children who were ripped away from their parents. It’s a tough read and highlights only a few of the atrocities being faced by immigrant kids.

Attacking Companies Suffering Under Trump’s Trade War


After Trump’s trade war led to reciprocal tariffs from the European Union, it was revealed that Harley Davidson would be opening a new plant overseas. The company said Trump’s tariffs are adding $2,200 to the cost of its motorcycle exports. Harley Davidson is expected to report a loss between $40 million and $100 million under Trump’s tax cuts.

The President, despite massive losses for the company, accused the manufacturer of “waving the white flag.” Trump, in this tweet, once again fails to acknowledge what economists have been saying all along, a trade war is bad for American businesses who deal in international trade.

A Drunken State?


Donald Trump has no problem slandering the people he doesn’t like. In this tweet, sent out on June 25 (apparently a busy tweeting day for the President), Trump claimed Senator Mark Warner was drunk after he claimed to have information that will likely hurt Trump in regards to the Russian collusion investigation. Once again, Trump attacked the “13 Angry Democrats” who are working on the “Witch Hunt.”

It’s important to note that Mueller, Wray, and Rosenstein, are all conservative Republicans, something Trump has repeatedly denied.

Total Transparency From The Least Transparent President In History?


The Republican Party under Donald Trump has made it a common practice to hold closed-door meetings in regards to tax policy, immigration, and various other issues. President Trump in this June 25 tweet claimed the Peter Strozok investigation should be streamed to the public.

Keep in mind this is coming from the President who has refused to release his tax returns, has attempted to place a gag order on a porn star he had an affair with, and has repeatedly held closed-door meetings, including a one-on-one with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un that went against established policies to have at least one Presidential aide in attendance at every meeting.

Tariffs Are Actually Increasing


We’ll just call this Trump tweet what it really is #FakeNews. China responded to Trump’s increase in tariffs by issues more than $50 billion in tariffs on 545 product categories. Canada, Mexico, and the European Union have also followed a similar path, promising to retaliate against the United States for increased trade costs.

Soy prices for farmers have drastically decreased in recent weeks as China and other trade partners look to other countries to provide for their needed agriculture supply. At least one American producer of aluminum cans has said Trump’s tariffs will cost them $25 million per year.

Threatening Harley Davidson… AGAIN!


In another attack on Harley Davidson, Trump promised to punish the company if they attempt to sell their motorcycles back into the United States from other countries. It was an odd statement considering the company is only planning to open a new factory overseas to sell bikes outside of the United States. The tweet, however, was enough for Trump supporters to openly attack the company.

Trump followed up his Harley Davidson tweet by promising U.S. buyers would punish them.


Not Even Close To The Most Profound Question Of The Era


President Trump has engaged in many cases of #WhatAboutIsm’s and this was no different. Trump claimed that the “most profound question of our era” was whether or not Obama’s Department of Justice attempted to collude against Trump’s presidency.

Trump, in this tweet, ignores Russia’s involvement in the U.S. election, a much more profound question.

Crowley Rises Above Trump’s Hate


It’s absolutely true that nobody saw Joe Crowley losing to a millennial candidate who raised nearly 10% as much money for their campaign. However, Crowley was incredibly gracious in his loss and issued a concession speech that went viral.

Crowley focused on party unity while Trump has continued to spread lies in the hopes of dividing the U.S. political system. Here’s Crowley’s amazing concession speech.

Celebrating A Big Loss For Workers


Collective bargaining has allowed Unions to secure better wages, health benefits and other needed benefits for millions of union workers. On June 27, Trump thanked the conservative SCOTUS for ruling that private sector employees no longer have to pay union dues. However, those workers still receive the benefits of collective bargaining and other union protocols. The biggest loss here is happening at the worker level.

Trump Just Can’t Shut Up About Harley Davidson


See Also

After the Hardley Davidson story went viral, Trump continued to attack the American company, promising that customers would turn away and competitors would be very happy.

Trump has made it a policy to attack the likes of Amazon, Harley Davidson, and various other amazing American companies.

ICE Officials Asked For This!


ICE in many ways has become a lawless agency that takes matters into their own hands. While Trump is correct that many Democrats have called for the removal of the agency, it was also revealed that 17 senior officials also asked for the agency to be abolished because of various issues within the agency.

Trump Sides With Russia. AGAIN!


Every major U.S. Intelligence Agency has said there was clear meddling in Trump’s election by Russian. Despite his own intelligence community making those statements, The President of the United States continues to believe Russian agents over his own supporters.

In another #WhatAboutIsm the POTUS points to DNC servers, James Comey, and a Hillary/Russia investigation that doesn’t exist.

Quoting Greg Norman? Remember His Defense Of Racism?


President Trump will thank any celebrity who supports him. After a Fox & Friends appearance, Donald Trump quoted Norman for claiming the President was doing a great job. You may recall that Norman once defended his own golf caddy who made a horribly racist remark against golfer Tiger Woods. This wasn’t a surprising tweet from Trump since he has condoned the “very fine people” of the Alt-right.

Foxconn And Billions In Subsidies


Apple’s manufacturing partner Foxconn has broken ground on a new Wisconsin factory that Trump says is a big win for workers in the state. The Wall Street Journal tells a different story. The company is receiving around $4 billion in subsidies. That works out to a government subsidy of $307,692 per job for each of the 13,000 jobs Foxconn says will be supported at the facility. It’s a good example of Trump handing a Chinese company billions in taxpayer dollars.

Nobody Wants Your Thoughts And Prayers


Before President Trump even sent this tweet, users on Twitter were questioning how long it would take him to offer his “thoughts and prayers” over the deadly shooting. Instead of discussing issues of gun control more openly on Twitter, the President has used the same old and tired Republican approach of turning to religion in place of issues policies that drive real change.

Goodbye Due Process


President Trump came under fire on June 30 when he demanded the removal of due process for anyone crossing the border. Asylum seekers currently have one year to file an asylum request, often as they flee areas of political turmoil. This isn’t the first tweet Trump has sent about removing due process and it probably won’t be the last.

Those are some of the most controversial, strange, and just plain wrong Tweets from Donald Trump from June 25 to July 1, 2018. See you all next week! Sadly.

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