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Donald Trump May Have Forgiven Kevin McCarthy, But MAGA Hasn’t

Donald Trump May Have Forgiven Kevin McCarthy, But MAGA Hasn’t

Kevin McCarthy may have painted himself into a corner with Trumpworld. Though the former president hasn’t publicly attacked him, and in fact appears to be maintaining a friendly working relationship with the House Minority Leader, not all of his fans (including those in government themselves) agree.

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As previously reported, McCarthy says he’s had pleasant conversations with Trump since the leak of the audio recordings that proved him a liar, after he denied suggesting Trump should resign in the wake of the January 6th attack. Though McCarthy’s advocacy for Trump’s resignation might upset a lot of voters, the content of the audio leak probably wasn’t news to Congressional and White House insiders, possibly including Trump, who must have known that some Members of Congress thought he should resign to save the party or himself from repercussions.

Even the news that McCarthy was part of the group of insiders working to thwart Trump’s agenda doesn’t seem to have phased him.

However, as PoliticusUSA reports, there’s a growing movement pushing for McCarthy to take his own advice and resign his post, and they’re bipartisan.

While Dems think McCarthy should step down because his actions show that he knows Trump is dangerous, but will still make his public displays of loyalty, GOP leaders think he should be ousted for a perceived lack of loyalty to Trump.

Matt Gaetz (R-FL) is one of the most prominent voices of the Trumpiest portions of the Republican Party, and he’s been very vocal in his criticism of McCarthy, who he characterizes as undermining Trump “behind his back.”

Then there’s Steve King (R-IA), who lost his seat in the election following his removal from committees, which was the backlash after he was reported to have defended white nationalism in an interview. He says that McCarthy’s bid for Speaker of the House — which is expected after midterms, if Republicans take enough seats to regain control of that governing body — should be challenged, and that if it doesn’t happen, it’s evidence of “corruption” running “deep into the rank and file.”

Wendy Rogers, an Arizona Senator who has made a meme of herself by alternating declarations that she’s a “sweet grandma” with promises that she’s posting “forbidden things” on right-wing media sites, says that McCarthy “conspired” against the then-president.

They’re not alone. Trump seems to be standing (albeit only tacitly, not openly) with McCarthy, but the rest of MAGAworld isn’t.

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