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Donald Trump May Fire Robert Mueller — Special Counsel Investigating Russian Ties

Donald Trump May Fire Robert Mueller — Special Counsel Investigating Russian Ties

Robert Mueller is the Special Counsel investigating connections between Donald Trump’s campaign and Russia. A new report, however, says that he may not hold that position much longer. This comes barely a month after Trump fired James Comey, shortly after Comey made it clear that the FBI was looking into these same connections.

In the report, the New York Times cites Christopher Ruddy as a friend and confidante to Donald Trump, and quotes Ruddy as saying the President is

…considering, perhaps, terminating the special counsel.

Ruddy goes on to assert that there are conflicts of interest in Mueller acting as Special Investigator since Trump had interviewed him to replace James Comey as FBI Director. Ruddy also says there are too many connections between White House officials and Mueller’s law firm.

According to NPR, Mueller was appointed as Special Investigator in mid-May by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

Trump responded to that appointment by saying that the investigation would soon demonstrate that there were no improper connections to Russia by his campaign.

Trump’s firing of Comey last month set the stage. There was a call, especially from Democrats, to appoint Special Counsel to continue the investigation. Robert Mueller, a man respected by Democrats and Republicans alike, accepted the call.

As for Comey’s firing, it was surrounded by mixed messages. Both Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Kellyanne Conway spoke to members of the press, assuring them that the reason for the firing was a recommendation from the aforementioned Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, and was intended to restore public faith in the FBI after its Hillary Clinton investigation.

However, USA Today reports, Trump later said that he had been planning to fire Comey before receiving that recommendation.

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Trump tweeted that he would replace Comey with someone who would do a much better job —something he apparently considered Robert Mueller a good possible candidate for.


However, even if Donald Trump has reversed his views on Robert Mueller, firing him might be more complex than getting rid of the last person who Trump learned was investigating his campaign. According to CNN, legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin says that Rosenstein, who appointed Mueller, would have to be the one to fire him.

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