Donald Trump makes a crazy claim that Tim Cook is thinking about moving Apple production to the US

President-elect Donald Trump spoke with Axios on Tuesday and claimed during his interview that he recently spoke with Apple CEO Tim Cook about the potential of moving Apple production to the United States.

Trump claims that the CEO has his “eyes open to it,” and that he “really believe[s Cook] loves this country and I think he’d like to do something major here.”

Trump invited Tim Cook and other tech leaders to meet with his administration in December. Following that meeting, Trump told those in attendance to call him directly if they needed anything.

Admittedly, Tim Cook’s name has become a regularly talking point for Donald Trump, despite Apple remaining silent on any details about a potential shift to US-based production.

A move to US production facilities would cost Apple tens of millions of dollars per year and would require a massive capital investment which would be used to build new production facilities while hiring and training hundreds of thousands of workers.

The company’s margins would be drastically reduced by the move, which makes it an unlikely claim.

Trump, despite not yet taking office, has already taken credit for various US-based auto plants announcing plans to expand in the United States. Those same auto manufacturers have stated on numerous occasions that President-elect Trump had ZERO to do with their already planned decisions.

Apple is not commenting on Trump’s claims at this time. Probably because they are ridiculous.

Welcome to the Red State…

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