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Donald Trump Makes A Prediction About Twitter Buy — Elon Musk Begs To Differ

Donald Trump Makes A Prediction About Twitter Buy — Elon Musk Begs To Differ

Donald Trump’s Truth Social site was his response to being kicked off Twitter and other social media. Still, it’s clear that Twitter was always his favorite and that he’s harboring some bitterness. In his latest ranting post, that resentment still seems to be bubbling as he offers a prediction that’s the opposite of what Elon Musk says is the plan.

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Musk has already had to issue a denial regarding one claim Trump’s top Truth Social CEO, Devin Nunes, made about him. The former legislator indicated that Trump had pressed Musk to make the buy, and Musk denied that he’d been in any contact with Trump or had any influence from him on the decision.

Now it’s Trump himself who is making claims that Musk denies.

Truth Social users captured screenshots of Trump’s rant, in which he asserted that Musk would never buy Twitter, because it has too many bots, is being sold at too high a price (though Musk himself made the proposal), and is not as good as Truth Social (in Trump’s opinion).

Musk, however, is saying the opposite. He says the pending deal is on hold while Twitter provides details about the percentage of users that are bots or spam accounts, but that he’s set on buying the company.

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Musk has also said that when he takes over the company, restoring Donald Trump’s Twitter account would be on the agenda, despite previous statements that the former president did not intend to return to the platform, intending instead to stick to his own site.

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