Donald Trump Lights Up Vivek Ramaswamy Online on Saturday Night

Over the last few months, Vivek Ramaswamy has sort of been running for President. Like the other Republican candidates, he has avoided saying anything negative about Donald Trump even though he's running against him. 

The tactic has worked well for the novice politician. He has no chance of winning the race, but if he debased himself enough, Ramaswamy could have had a shot at a palace in Trump's administration. That doesn't look likely to happen now, however, as Trump blasted Ramaswamy over Truth Social on Saturday night.

The former President wrote, "Vivek started his campaign as a great supporter, the 'best president in generations' etc. Unfortunately, now all he does is disguise his support in the form of deceitful campaign tricks. Very sly, but a vote for Vivek is a vote 'for the other side,' - don't get duped by this."

Trump continued his rant, "vote for TRUMP, don't waste your vote! Vivek is not MAGA! The Biden indictments against his political opponent will never be allowed in this country, the are already beginning to fall! MAGA!!" 

This might be the end for Ramaswamy and his attempts to ingratiate himself with MAGA world. There is nothing he has done that could make Trump and his supporters upset. Still, he is now being treated in this way.