Donald Trump, Leaning, Slurring, In History Education Speech, Has Public Asking What’s Wrong — Again

Donald Trump, who frequent;y calls Joe Biden ‘sleepy’ and criticizes Biden’s speech style, spoke at the National Archives Museum to address how American History is taught. He complained that students are taught negative things about American history — specifically slavery and the oppression of Black Americans. While going on to say that the founding fathers started America on the path to abolishing slavery, the president slumps to one side, speaks slowly and haltingly, and slurs his words. Once again, the public is asking questions about his health.

Donald Trump falling over at a press event
[Screenshots via Donald Trump/Twitter]

Donald Trump tweeted clips of the speech, and over the course of each clip, he can bee seen gradually slumping further to his left. Several times, he seems to catch himself and stand upright again, only to repeat the process. This can be seen in a series of screenshots shared below.

Donald Trump gradually slumps as he speaks
[Screenshots via Donald Trump/Twitter]

Trump speaks slowly throughout, occasionally slurring a world.

It didn’t go unnoticed. Vox journalist Aaron Rupar caught that a word which was perhaps supposed to be “immortal” or “immutable” became “immortable.” Rupar said Trump sounded like someone coming out of anesthesia.

Many observers said that the president seemed sedated.

Many mocked the president for projection, pointing out that he calls Joe Biden sleepy, but sounded slowed-down himself at this event.

Throughout this, of course, the content remains chilling — Trump expresses opposition to the 1619 Project’s efforts to teach that slavery was central to the development of America, and to frame the repercussions of slavery as a major part of American history. He talks about teaching history in a more patriotic, proud way — rather than looking hard at the worst parts of America’s past, and recognizing the effects. He describes education about America’s history of treating humans as property as the cause of riots and protests, rather than pinpointing ongoing injustice.

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