Donald Trump Lashes Out Over Medical Issues — But The People He’s Accusing Didn’t Say That

Donald Trump is reportedly angry at a reporter for saying he has Parkinson’s Disease. The problem with this is that she never said any such thing. He’s also expressed anger over a new book that describes Vice President Mike Pence as preparing to take over if something happened to the president. “There were no mini-strokes,” the president tweeted. Again, it’s a diagnosis that didn’t happen — the author of the book never mentions strokes at all.

Donald Trump angry over Parkinsons diagnosis
[Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images]

The public has speculated wildly on Donald Trump’s medical state, watching videos of his walk for signs of his leg dragging, and guessing at what could cause him to appear to struggle in raising a glass of water with one hand. A photo of Trump was zoomed in for speculation on whether a purple mark on his hand was actually an IV bruise. It’s been reported that one author says he’s received whistleblower reports that Trump had a series of mini-strokes. There’s no question that the president’s health, and leaked information about the same, have received a lot of attention.

However, covering leaks and behavior isn’t diagnosing a medical condition, as the president seems to think two specific entities have done.

According to Political Flare, Trump is accusing New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman of saying that he suffers from Parkinson’s disease. Haberman did write about Trump’s difficulty traversing a ramp, and about him struggling to drink from a glass. However, she never speculated on the specific cause.

Haberman also called out Trump’s accusation against her colleague.

After NYT reporter Michael S. Schmidt’s Donald Trump v. The United States was published, Trump lashed out at the author, complaining at the accusation that he had been rushed to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for a series of mini-strokes, causing VP Pence to be put on notice that, as next in the line of succession, he could have to take over the president’s role.

The author himself had already tweeted the day before the book was published, correcting some misinformation that was circulating on social media and making it very clear that the book makes no diagnoses, merely discusses Mike Pence being put on standby to temporarily take over if the president needed anesthesia.

He again corrected the record after Trump’s erroneous tweet.

Donald Trump’s actions and health have indeed been the subject of much speculation. It’s entirely false that either of the reporters Trump has fixated on publicly diagnosed him with either Parkinson’s Disease or mini-strokes.

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