Donald Trump Lashes Out At “Little Ben” Sasse After Republican Senator Criticizes President

Donald Trump has again given one of his perceived political adversaries a derogatory nickname, labeling Senator Ben Sasse, who went viral for criticizing the president, “Little Ben.” He went on to label the senator a rino, and call him obnoxious.

ben sasse trump attack
[Photo By Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images]

Ben Sasse’s description of Trump on a phone call with constituents, in which he said the president is too cozy with white supremacists and dictators, while attacking women and U.S. allies, netted a lot of attention. By Saturday morning, it had caught the attention of the president, who roared back in a pair of tweets.

Trump said that perhaps Sasse felt he couldn’t lose to a Democrat, then labeled him a “liability to the Republican party.” He also called the senator a rino (Republican in name only), obnoxious and stupid, and an embarrassment to the state of Nevada.

Trump has lashed out similarly at other Republicans who have failed to fall in line and throw 100% of their support behind him, without question or criticism. Earlier this year, he attacked Jeff Sessions, who was running for Senate to represent Alabama. Sessions lost his primary.

Trump is presumably responding, in this case, to explosive headlines following Ben Sasse’s phone call with constituents. When asked why he is so critical of Trump, Sasse went on a thorough tirade, calling Trump out for misogyny, saying the president “kisses butts” of dictators, and addressing Trump’s repeated encouragement of white supremacists.

Real Clear Politics lists Sasse’s district as ‘safe GOP,’ and Sasse won in 2014 by 33 points.

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