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Donald Trump Just Referred To Fox News As ‘We’

Donald Trump Just Referred To Fox News As ‘We’

There are many things that can be gleaned from a recent tweet by President Donald Trump on Tuesday morning.

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The president acknowledged a town hall that aired on Fox News earlier this week that featured Sen. Bernie Sanders, an independent from Vermont, who is running to become the Democratic Party’s nominee for president. Trump took the opportunity to call the senator “crazy” in his tweet.

“So weird to watch Crazy Bernie on @FoxNews,” Trump stated in the tweet, noting that the progressive lawmaker’s presence on the conservative-leaning network seemed odd to him.

The president also expressed confusion over how the network had recently hired Donna Brazile, a longtime Democratic strategist, pundit, and former head of the DNC. Trump said it was “very strange” that “now we have @donnabrazile.”


Aside from the name-calling from Trump toward Sanders, as well as his confusion about the hiring of Brazile, there’s another subtle part of the tweet worth noting: Trump said “we” when he talked about Fox News.

Observers have noted for quite some time now that there is a very cozy relationship between the president and Fox News. Some have noted while it’s not technically state-run media, the relationship between Trump and the network is very comparable, and in some ways stranger, to what’s seen in oppressive countries around the world.

Indeed, as previous reporting from HillReporter.com pointed out, even some conservatives have taken issue with the way Trump and Fox interact with one another. Bernie Goldberg, for instance, a right-leaning commentator, wrote back in March that Fox personality Sean Hannity’s interviews with Trump were more like “wet kisses than journalism.”

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Trump’s use of the word “we” seems to acknowledge that he and Fox News have a strong relationship with one another.

It isn’t just reporting from Fox that connects Trump to the network. He’s also hired several Fox News personalities to work in the White House over the years, including former Fox News co-president Bill Shine to run communications and commentator K.T. McFarland (who once served as deputy National Security Adviser).

He even attempted to appoint Fox News anchor Heather Nauert to become U.N. ambassador (she withdrew her name). Many other examples of similar hires abound, according to reporting from The New Yorker.

Shine resigned from his position in the White House after the expose from The New Yorker was published, detailing more disturbing ways in which Trump and Fox were connected, per reporting from NPR.

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