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Donald Trump Junior Throws Transphobic Tantrum Over NFL Twitter Firings

Donald Trump Junior Throws Transphobic Tantrum Over NFL Twitter Firings

Running The Trump Organization into the ground would be an exhausting job for the average corporate bigwig. But Donald Trump Junior, an executive vice president, appears to have enough spare energy to have had a complete meltdown in a video he posted to Rumble on Saturday.


Junior was absolutely beside himself because the Washington Redskins, or whatever they are called these days, fired its cheerleading squad over Twitter.

Sure, that is a totally tactless way to give a person – let alone a group of people – the pink slip, however, Junior’s aggravation reeks of hypocrisy, given that his father, ex-President Donald Trump, used Twitter to ax numerous administration officials and members of his Cabinet.

“Guys, today we’re going to talk the Washington Redskins. If there was an Olympic medal for woke stupidity, these guys would win like the platinum medal,” said Junior. “It would be bigger than gold.”

No such award exists in the Olympics, but whoa, what a statement from a Trump.

“So, what we found out this week, is that the Washington Redskins (sic) just got rid of their cheerleaders. Apparently they didn’t have the decency to tell them face-to-face. The cheerleading squad was disbanded, but apparently, they read about it on Twitter,” a flabbergasted Junior exclaimed. “They didn’t say, ‘hey, come to the office, we gotta talk. We’re pursuing our ridiculous woke agenda so we’re gonna get rid of, ya know, one of the last traditions perhaps left.’ I mean, it’s the Washington Redskins – I’m sorry! I’m sorry. It’s – it’s the Washington Football Team. That’s how ridiculous this team is.”

Junior complained that “they’ve gotten rid of their mascot” (because it was a racist depiction of a Native American). “They’ve gotten rid of their cheerleading squad,” he continued. “They’ve gotten rid of their name” (which was also racist) “and they haven’t even come up with a new one yet – the ‘Washington Wokes,’ maybe that’s what they have to do because this is insanity, guys. It’s absolutely ridiculous.”

Sure is.

Junior whined:

They get rid of the cheerleading squad for a ‘co-ed dance team.’ They didn’t even have the decency to let these women know in person. They read about it on Twitter. So like I said, the team without a name, so woke they couldn’t come up with something else, for fear of also being canceled, that they just called themselves for the last year or so, generically, ‘the Washington Football Team.’ Honestly, guys, if you’re a fan at this point, I’m not sure why you stick around. You know, if you wanna make some moves, if you wanna do some good things, is this the way? Is this what people really want? Get rid of every tradition, and maybe one that’s been historically dominated by females, right?

Was Junior asleep for his dad’s entire presidency?

Juniors next points, meanwhile, were a collection of bigoted remarks about trans athletes:

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I mean, you’re allowing trans women, right, men who transition to women to play in female sports at a federal level. According to the Biden Administration, that’s what they want. But you can’t even let females have a cheerleading squad at this point. A football team – who is named and named themselves after, ya know, strength – the Redskins – tough fighters, warriors – they can’t even call themselves what they’ve been known for decades. They have to call themselves ‘the Washington Football Team.’ Are we kidding? Is this a freaking joke at this point? Honestly, like I said, if there was a woke gold medal in the moron Olympics, these guys would be at the top of the podium in every single category and every single event. Hope you guys have a good start to a crazy weekend. I’m sure there’ll be more ridiculousness soon.


Watch below via Rumble:


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