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Donald Trump Junior Has Epic Meltdown Over Trump Organization Indictments

Donald Trump Junior Has Epic Meltdown Over Trump Organization Indictments

Donald Trump Junior is aghast over the criminal charges that were filed this week against the Trump Organization and its indicted chief financial officer Allen Weisselberg, who stands accused of conspiracy, fraud, grand larceny, and felony tax evasion.


Late Thursday night, Junior fell apart in a Facebook video in which he yabbered – for 13 minutes – about witch hunts, conjuring up alternative facts to feed to his supporters as red meat.

Junior tried to downplay the severity of the allegations against Weisselberg, insisting that his father, former President Donald Trump, was generous to his employees and that Weisselberg’s years-long tax scam was akin to failing to declare a company car.

Weisselberg received compensation “essentially amounting to fringe benefits, you know, like a corporate car, you got a corporate car after 48 years of service, you got a corporate car, didn’t pay tax on it,” said Junior. This is false. Prosectors nailed Weisselberg on falsifying his residences, thus avoiding paying the appropriate taxes.

“This is what they got. They’re able to tie in the Trump Organization because he’s the CFO right? So they try to do that for the flowery headlines because this is what they’ve been promising you, right?” Junior continued. “How is this anything but a political persecution? How is this anything other than a government abuse of power? Let’s break it down for you. They’ve been doing this for about five years, hundreds of witnesses presumably, countless hours of grand jury testimony, three million documents reviewed by the AG and the DA, right? Three million documents, what they’ve got someone on his, he didn’t pay taxes on fringe benefits.”

Junior claimed that Weisselberg only owed $5,000 in back taxes, which is untrue. The embattled CFO is in the red with the Internal Revenue Service to the tune of $900,000 on $1.7 million of unclaimed income, the Associated Press reported on Thursday. Weisselberg faces penalties of up to double that amount as well as up to 15 years in prison for that single charge alone.

But Junior – reliably undeterred by facts, knows only one tactic – playing the victim.

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“Yeah, that’s all it is, man. It’s a game, and it sucks because this isn’t what America is about. This is what Russia does. This is what Iran does. This is what China does, but it’s happening right here right now. And so many people are totally silent about it, which also sucks, but we’re gonna keep fighting, because we have to, because it’s worth fighting for, and we can’t let this crap take over America, or we won’t have an America that any of us recognize for our kids,” he seethed. “You guys have a good one.”

Watch below via Facebook:

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