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Donald Trump, Juiced Up on Antibodies and Steroids, Falsely Claims to Be Cured of COVID-19 and Calls Diagnosis ‘a Blessing From God’

Donald Trump, Juiced Up on Antibodies and Steroids, Falsely Claims to Be Cured of COVID-19 and Calls Diagnosis ‘a Blessing From God’

Two days after checking himself out of Walter Reed Military Medical Center against the advice of his medical advisers, President Donald Trump on Wednesday said that his COVID-19 diagnosis was a “blessing in disguise” and that the experimental treatments he received to combat the coronavirus had “cured” him.

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“Hi, perhaps you recognize me, it’s your favorite president, and I’m standing in front of the Oval Office at the White House, which is always an exciting place to be,” Trump begins. “I got back a day ago from Walter Reed Medical Center; I spent four days there and didn’t have to. I could have stayed at the White House but the doctors said ‘because you’re president, let’s do it.’ I said ‘fine, you tell me what to do and I’m gonna listen.'”

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According to reports coming from inside the administration, doctors struggled to convince the president to go to the hospital.

“I spent four days there,” Trump said triumphantly. “I went in and I wasn’t feeling so hot. And within a very short period of time, they gave me Regeneron. It’s called Regeneron. And other things too, but I think this was the key.”

One of those “other things” Trump vaguely referenced was a regimen of dexamethasone, a powerful steroid that comes with an array of side-effects, such as erratic behavior, unpredictable mood swings, and sudden bursts of energy.

“So they gave me Regeneron, and it was like unbelievable. I felt good immediately,” Trump said. “I felt as good three days ago as I do now. So I just want to say, we have Regeneron. We have another drug by [Eli Lilly and Company]. And they’re coming out, and we’re trying to get them on an emergency basis.”

Trump, who owns stock in Regeneron, pledged free treatment for anyone who needs it but did not elaborate on how that would be accomplished.

“We’ve authorized it. I’ve authorized it. And if you’re in the hospital and you’re feeling really bad, I think we’re going to work it to where you’re going to get them and you’re going to get them free,” the president said. “And especially if you’re a senior, we’re going to get you in there quick.”

The president also personally guaranteed that a COVID-19 vaccine would be available before the election. He offered no evidence for that either.

Trump’s next statement offered confirmation that the Food and Drug Administration has been beholden to his directives, rather than relying on science.

“We did it, nobody else would have been able to do it,” Trump said. “The FDA has acted as quickly as they’ve ever acted in history. There’s never been a time, and no president has ever pushed them like I’ve pushed them either to be honest with you.”

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Trump then falsely claimed to be cured.

“They call them therapeutic, but to me, it wasn’t therapeutic. It just made me better. Okay, I call that a cure.”

But Trump saved his most astonishing remarks for last.

The president said that having contracted COVID-19 – which has taken the lives of 211,000 Americans – was a “blessing from God” because he is currently feeling invincible.

“I want everybody to be given the same treatment as your president,” Trump added, “because I feel great, I feel like, perfect. So I think this was like a blessing from God that I caught it. This was a blessing in disguise.

Twenty-seven days to go.

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