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Donald Trump Jr To Be Indicted For Lying To FBI About Trump Tower Meeting, According To Roger Stone

Donald Trump Jr To Be Indicted For Lying To FBI About Trump Tower Meeting, According To Roger Stone

Donald Trump Jr to be indicted for lies

Donald Trump’s longtime friend Roger Stone is sharing predictions about the outcome of the Mueller investigation — and one of his assertions is that the next indictment will be very close to the president. Donald Trump Jr. is on Mueller’s short list, and his turn will be coming any day, if Stone’s expectations bear out.

According to Newsweek, Stone says that Don Jr. won’t be facing charges for the Trump Tower meeting, but for lying to the FBI. The Trump family’s story about exactly what happened in that meeting has shifted a few times.

While Trump Sr. initially dictated a statement for Trump Jr. to assert that the meeting was about international adoptions, both later admitted Don Jr. was being offered potentially damaging information about Hillary Clinton. Trump maintains that he didn’t know about the meeting beforehand, although a phone call from Trump Jr. to a blocked number, during the planning of the meeting, has raised questions.


Fortune noted back in July that, if Trump Jr. was found to have lied to Congress, he could face legal repercussions. He swore under oath that he had not told his father about the meeting ahead of time. Trump’s former personal attorney, Michael Cohen, was said to be prepared to testify that then-candidate Trump did know in advance about the meeting, but has since walked that back, saying that he doesn’t know for certain if Donald Trump had been informed.

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Roger Stone’s prediction is centered around lies to the FBI, not Congress, but if Don Jr. was privately interviewed by the FBI, Stone may either know or be guessing that his answers matched those given in the Congressional hearing. Alternately, Stone could be engaging in conjecture about a known or hypothetical future discussion with the FBI. He didn’t offer any elaboration on when the alleged lies had occurred or would occur, or what they were, other than to link them to the Trump Tower meeting by expressing opinions about the overall legality of the meeting.

Tony Schwartz, who came to know Trump well when writing his book, The Art of The Deal, has predicted that, as Mueller closes in, the President will resign. If Trump is able to cut a deal in which his resignation will protect him and his family from prosecution, Donald Trump Jr. being arrested for lying to the FBI could be just the event that would lead him to do so.

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