Donald Trump Jr.’s Public Intoxication Arrest Record Resurfaces As He Attacks Hunter Biden

Is it always projection? Donald Trump Jr. has been attacking Hunter Biden over addiction. However, the attention he’s gotten has led to old information resurfacing — in particular, Don Jr.’s own arrest, for public intoxication at six in the morning.

Trump jr arrest record
[Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]

The president’s eldest son has admitted to some history with alcohol, but observation of his behavior, especially in some video clips, has resulted in public speculation that he’s still involved in some chemical dependency. This characterization is helped along by Noel Casler’s regular sharing of his own behind-the-scenes memories of the Trump family on the Celebrity Apprentice set. Casler has more or less dared Donald Trump to sue him for defamation if he’s lying and breaking an NDA if he’s telling the truth, and the president hasn’t touched it.

On Monday, as the Trump family attacked Hunter Biden for addiction and made outlandish claims about the contents of a laptop they claim belongs to Joe Biden’s son, Casler reminded the internet that the Trump family has its own history with mind-altering substances. Tweeting out Jr.’s arrest record from an incident in 2001 in Louisiana, the former insider speculated that the offense was actually something more than public intoxication, lessened on paper due to the famous name.

The record is real — America Blog reported on it earlier this year, when it was first released into the public record. There’s no clear evidence to support Casler’s guesses, or to prove exactly what Donald Jr. was doing in Louisiana. The only thing that the record definitively shows is that the president’s eldest son was charged with public intoxication at 6:15 on a Sunday morning — and that he now attacks his counterpart, his father’s political opponent’s son, for addiction.

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