Donald Trump Jr. Rips the Idea of Marco Rubio As Dad's Running Mate

During an episode of his podcast, Triggered, Donald Trump Jr. blasted Marco Rubio as a potential candidate for his father's running mate. 

Donald Trump has not announced who will join him on the Republican ticket. During his show, Trump Jr. laid out the list of candidates that are up for the role, noting that his first choice would be J.D. Vance. 

Trump Jr. listed each candidate and gave his take on how they might serve his father. When Rubio's name came up, the former President's son couldn't hold back his dislike for the Florida senator. 

He began, "There is some truth about like, you know, having someone that’s a little bit more establishment in there. It’s like, wouldn’t like the Senate RINOs, like, wouldn’t they love that? Like, you know, I joked, you know, I said that about Nikki Haley, I was like, it gets her like, by the time my father’s hand moves off the Bible in the swearing-in process on — what’s the date, is it January 20th? — 12 p.m., January 20th."

Trump Jr. continued, "The second it goes off, it’d be like impeachment! And gone. Like that’s how fast it would be. And so there is something about having someone from outside of the establishment to sort of further protect you from that establishment."