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Donald Trump Jr. Proposes Firing Teachers In Order To Hire Guards For Schools

Donald Trump Jr. Proposes Firing Teachers In Order To Hire Guards For Schools

Donald Trump Jr. thinks he has found the ultimate solution to school shootings, and that ‘smart people’ will surely want to follow through in making his whim a reality. Of course, in reality, his idea is exactly as ridiculous as you’d expect.

[Photo by CHANDAN KHANNA/AFP via Getty Images]

The far-right has been proposing the most ridiculous ideas possible for protecting schools, making sure that their opposition expends energy arguing against things like eliminating doors from school buildings and arming teachers, instead of fighting for actual policies that might make a difference. Don Jr. is joining in that game, throwing out what may be among the ridiculous suggestions yet (although eliminating doors in a building where hundreds of children need to exit quickly in a fire or other emergency is stiff competition.)

He wants schools to fire a few teachers, and spend their salary, instead, on hiring an armed guard. This would be ridiculous enough, since we’ve seen that even armed police apparently can’t protect 19 children from being victims of mass murder, and since eliminating teachers rather defeats the point of having a school, but as a bonus, he focused on teachers that don’t exist.

Pro tip: elementary schools (such as the one where 19 children and two of their teachers were murdered in Uvalde, Texas, last week) don’t hire gender studies or CRT teachers. Those are college courses.

Republicans have been spreading a false narrative that kids are being taught Critical Race Theory (which they conflate with anything addressing discrimination in U.S. history) and gender in elementary schools, and that they’re being inappropriately introduced to sexual topics (which they conflate with any acknowledgment that gender and sexuality diversity exist), but this may be the first time anyone has actually claimed that kids under 12 are actually sitting in CRT and gender studies courses.

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