Donald Trump Jr: I Get A Lot of Silent Support in New York City [VIDEO]

Donald Trump gained a lot of fans when he began hosting The Apprentice in the early 2000s. The show helped introduce him to a large swath of the public. But there future President has been famous in New York since the 1970s. And despite his notoriety, he was always seen as a con-man there. 

The residents of New York City still despise Trump. During the 2020 election, the Republican only won 14.5% of the vote in Manhattan. In Queens, the borough where he grew up, Trump only won 30% of the vote. 

The President and his children have started to talk about, despite the massive evidence to the contrary, how popular he is in New York. During a recent appearance on Real America's Voice, Donald Trump Jr. told a hard to believe story about the reception he gets in New York. 

Trump Jr. claimed, "When I'm in New York, the amount of people who show support is actually huge. But they do it like this (Trump Jr. mimics someone giving a thumbs up with their hands in their pockets). A thumbs-up like hidden under their jacket so that no one else can see it. You know, that's what it is, like, they understand. They're supportive. They know the policies always work."

You can watch a clip of the video here