Donald Trump Jr. Fearmongers Over “Liberal Trend” He Actually Started Himself

Donald Trump Jr. is telling his Twitter followers that “the libs” are now out to restrict voting rights by only allowing those who can show a valid vaccine card to cast a vote. This certainly stands out as a notion diametrically opposed to Democrats’ continued efforts to make voting accessible to all — until you realize it was Donnie’s idea to begin with.

[Photo by Brandon Bell/Getty Images]

The former president’s eldest son tweeted Saturday evening to point out to his followers a certain Twitter hashtag, #VaxtoVote.

“The left is now un-ironically calling for vax cards to be required to vote,” he claimed.

[Screenshot via Donald Trump Jr./Twitter]

Perhaps the real irony is that the very tweet he quoted was the one showing that Don Jr. himself had put the idea out. He quickly backtracked to acknowledge this and play a “Well I was joking, but they really mean it!” angle.

Perhaps he just has a hard time reading humor, but it’s clear that he’s in the minority of viewers of that tweet — most seemed to recognize that the progressive PAC that tweeted it was making fun of him. The tweets connected to the hashtag predominantly mock Junior for putting the idea forth, and point out that it would skew elections in favor of Democrats — so probably no real “brain explosions” happening on the left for his proposal.

Though Don Jr. claims that liberals who are tweeting the #VaxtoVote hashtag are serious, and hints that his fans should fear this as an actual restriction on rights, no candidate has actually endorsed any such thing, Congress isn’t considering any such mandates, and there’s nothing whatsoever to support his claims that liberals really “think [mandating vaccines as voter ID] is a good idea.”

The final dose of irony is that he tweets “You can’t make this s*** up” — when that’s exactly what he’s done.

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